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Tips to Begin with Freelancing this Summer [NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED] Networking Tips | @IshanSharma7390

Meet- Ishan Sharma, (Co-founder of Markitup and a content creator) who's here with me today for some great advice on how you can start your own freelancing gig and earn more than your day job!

Ishan shares his incredible journey from being a college dropout to building his own successful company at just 20 years old. In this podcast, Ishan talks about the mindset that modern teenagers should adopt to create significant changes in their lives.

Throughout the conversation, Ishan discusses freelancing and highlights the essential skills needed to build a strong and sustainable career. Drawing from his own experiences, he shares practical tips and real-life examples that can help you navigate the freelancing landscape successfully.

He also explains how connecting with the right people can exponentially increase your growth and open up new opportunities. Whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your freelancing journey, Ishan's advice is both relevant and actionable.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:11 - Ishan’s Background
02:25 - Book Writing Challenges
08:08 - Early Motivation
13:07 - Career Advice
19:33 - Mindset for 20s
24:04 - Freelancing Insights
34:06 - Networking Tips
40:57 - Conclusion

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