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Why STT Charges MUST be 100% Abolished from Stock Market Trading?

Welcome to our YouTube video. Today we are going to discuss Securities Transaction Tax (STT). Did you know that the government earned around Rs 25,000 crore from STTs last year?

We start by sharing insights from our community poll to understand how our audience perceives STT and what comments they've shared on this topic.

To truly understand STTs, we need to rewind and look at their history. Why were STTs introduced in the first place? It all goes back to a time when traders and stock market earners weren't contributing much in income tax, leaving the government with a revenue gap.

Currently, traders are paying a certain percentage of their earnings to the government. But here's the catch – whether they make a profit or incur a loss, they still pay taxes.
Explore how much the government earns from both Direct Taxes and STTs? We'll also discuss why the government implemented STTs and their perspective on it.

Lastly, we'll share our opinion on whether abolishing or providing relief from STT could benefit retail traders and investors in the Stock Market.

Don't forget to watch the entire video for a deeper understanding of STT and our take on it.

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00:00 Introduction
00:42 What are the views of our Audience?
02:39 History of Securities Transaction Tax
03:10 What are the charges in STT?
03:58 Back to present, Traders gives two taxes
04:33 Government Earning from Securities Transaction Tax
06:27 If this Tax is abolished?
07:48 Comments of our Audience views On STT
08:15 Our Opinion on Securities Transaction Tax

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