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THIS SIMPLE College Project Makes Him 7 Lakhs/Month | Work From Home | 110 The Sanskar Show

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In this video I'm in conversation with Rohan who is an indie hacker. He has 4 built 4 tech products. In this video he shares how you can start your own online business and make money with your skills.

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0:00 sneak peek
1:09 intro
2:29 IIIT Delhi to indie hacker
6:53 who is an Indie hacker?
9:52 how he started
11:38 famous Indie hackers
13:31 how to find an idea to work on
19:46 how to build on your idea
29:54 how to get customers
34:19 what to learn
37:52 Project vs Product
43:02 how much money he makes
47:53 mindset shift required
51:57 featuring on Amazon Prime video
55:11 YouTube channels to follow



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✅He Got an 80 Lakhs a Year Job Without a Degree: https://youtu.be/gFHEiAvGBuk?si=JS1ljKAg2loYj2FN


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