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😞Shocking truth - Secret societies, Illuminati, Gandhi : Abhisekh Kar’s Best Podcast @AbhishekKar

😞Shocking truth - Secret societies, Illuminati, Gandhi : Abhisekh Kar’s Best Podcast @AbhishekKar

It is said that this secret society and Illuminati control the entire world. If you also want to know about the Secret Society or Illuminati? If yes, remember, this podcast is for you because today we have discussed a secret society and the Illuminati.

I am 100% sure your mind will be blown after watching this complete podcast. Don't forget to ask your doubts and questions in the comment section. and Make sure to share this video with your friends and family.

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Timestamps -:

00:00 - Highlights and Introduction
01:45 - what is a matrix?
05:08 - Some people who have crossed the matrix
10:44 - Secret Society and Illuminati
19:51 - Are these billionaires the ones who control the media and us?
34:34 - Have these billionaires tried to change our history too?
38:26 - Which are the industries that can create billionaires?
41:25 - Law of attraction
46:25 - Why do some people hate you?
49:06 - thanks for watching

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