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Every boy should know these laws | Cheating, Fake R*pe cases, Marital R*pe @TheLegalBabaa

Every boy should know these laws | Cheating, Fake R*pe cases, Marital R*pe @TheLegalBabaa

hello everyone. welcome you all in today's video. if you are a boy then you must see this video. In this video, we are going to talk about some legal issues. if you also want to know more about legal things that can protect you from fake legal cases. And don't forget to share this video with your friends and family.

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Timestamps -:
00:00 - Highlights
01:38 - Introduction
01:52 - Why was Elvish Yadav arrested for snake venom?
03:06 - Animal cruelty also happens due to religious reasons, so isn't it an offense?
04:58 - What are the crimes in India for which the death penalty is given?
05:38 - Does everyone get hanged in a rape case?
06:32 - How easy or hard is it to file a fake rape case?
09:04 - Most weird case in 8 years of your law career
10:23 - What are the criteria for keeping a Rebolbar?
11:12 - Legal Age for a romantic relationship
14:24 - Will people in a living relationship also get the legal benefits that a wife gets after divorce?
20:32 - Is there any law for those partners who cheat?
24:04 - Is there any restriction regarding nudity in India that a boy or a girl can wear this type of clothes?
24:39 - Is there any law related to mental cruelty?
26:46 - Can we do anything regarding the negative comments some people make on social media?
29:20 - If someone commits a crime and we also commit a crime, it becomes Equal?
30:10 - Crime scenes
30:56 - Rapid fire
31:44 - Why are you not seen in a lawyer's attire much of the time?
32:51 - in India, are people afraid of dating any marrying lawyers?
33:21 - Do you think legal awareness is increasing day by day in India
35:01 - Thanks for watching


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