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#1 Reason Gyms Fail (And It's NOT What You Think) | Turn Your Gym Profitable

#fitnessindustry #gymbusiness #insightfulhour discover the HIDDEN reason most gyms struggle and what you MUST do to turn yours around. In this video, we'll expose the #1 mistake gyms make and provide actionable strategies to:

Boost profitability
Increase member retention
Build a thriving fitness community
Stop the cycle of gym failure! Watch now and learn how to make your gym a success story.

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Time Stamp:
0:00 Introduction
01:10- India's Fitness Landscape
03:24 Types of Gym-Goers
6:38 Personal Fitness Journeys
13:09 Changing Demographics
15:01 Influence of Age
20:25 Holistic Fitness Solutions

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